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Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution


Simply put, Replay 4 is the world’s fastest way to recover from a server disruption AND the only disaster recovery solution with application-level recall for high pressure recovery scenarios.

Replay 4 is a server-based, disk imaging solution that automatically and continuously snapshots your entire Windows application server. The Replay 4 products – including Replay for Windows, Replay for Exchange, Replay for SQL, and Replay for Hyper-V – are keenly application-aware and enable automated backup validation and object-level restore functionality.

When configured in a distributed environment with the Replay Cores installed in virtual or physical servers, Replay 4 creates a heart and lung by-pass machine for your mission-critical systems, making them available when and where you need them most.

What does that mean for you? Well, for one, it means your business will never lose another dime in lost productivity due to down servers. Our unique approach to backup combines the best features of the top imaging, replication, and deduplication software on the market today offering a 3-for-1 solution that guarantees continuous recovery-testing, seamless disaster recovery, always-on high availability, and significantly reduced storage costs.

Backup & Recovery Features
Continuous application protection – online point-in-time imaging for physical and virtual workloads
Application support for Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint
Compression of recovery points
Deduplication of recovery points
Configurable Retention Policies with built in recovery point rollup
Read/ Write Mountable Recovery Points
Recovery points can be stored on a remote or removable disk drive, DAS NAS or SAN storage
Centralized monitoring and management of backups
Snapshot Granularity
Disaster Recovery Features
Bare-metal server recoveries Restore to Dissimilar Hardware is an available option
Rescue images enabling 1 click server restores
P2V, V2V, export to virtual machines for migrations and testing (VMWare and Hyper-V Supported)
Option to eliminate backup window with off-host processing
Instant Volume Rollbacks satisfy aggressive RTOs
Centralized recovery points for efficient storage management
Virtual Standby – Automatic creation and continuous updates of virtual standby environments. Supports VMWare and Hyper-V P2V, V2V, P2P
Push button failover with High Availability features

What you get with Replay 4
  • Always-on, server-based continuous application protection with integrated compression & data deduplication.
  • The ability to restore anything from a single file to an entire server—quickly, and to different hardware – even from complex applications like SQL Server or Exchange Server.
  • A “DVR” for your Server! Block‐level imaging gives you the ability to roll back to any point-in-time.
  • Automatic notifications of problems with your backups, including checks for corruption (the reason 42% of backups fail).
  • Highly available virtual servers that are mirror copies of your production environment. In case of failure, failover at the touch of a button.
  • Cost effective remote office protection.
  • Reduced storage costs with the ability to automatically move backups off-site or into the Cloud.
The Replay 4 Enterprise console is designed to manage a large number of servers from a centralized location. Backup and disaster recovery functions managed from the console include backup monitoring, granular (single-file and record-level) restores, bare-metal recoveries, virtual migrations and replication.

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