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Exchange Solution - Migration, Upgrade and Recovery


Providing secure web-based document access.
FileWay enables permission-based access to user documents from anywhere with a standard browser-enabled PC or device.
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PSTWay for OWA

Lets OWA users access their PST files.
Connects PST files and Personal Folders into Outlook Web Access dramatically increasing OWA’s utilization and effectiveness.
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AttachWay for OWA

Empowers attachment capabilities for OWA.
For the 1st time Outlook Web Access users have the ability to attach and send internal documents with their emails. With OWA’s Attachments button, users can now fully browse their internal folders, locate files and send as normal.
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SecureView for OWA

Providing secure OWA attachment access. Ensures any attachment viewed through Outlook Web Access leaves no memory trace on any public kiosk or non-trusted system. Learn more...

OWA Essentials Suite

OWA Essentials Suite is a bundle of all our OWA add-on products to turn Outlook Web Access into a powerful enterprise portal and desktop. Learn more...

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