Important! GFI MailSecurity Updates!
Thank you for applying GFI MailEsecurity as your email security solution. There is a critical announcement to you. As of 1 April 2010, GFI MailSecurity in old version of the optional Kaspersky anti-virus engine witll stop receiving updates for that engine! Kaspersky will no longer to be supporting earlier versions of GFI MailSecurity. Customers who are now using the older version is now highly recommended to have the upgrade version to GFI MailSecurity 10.1 build 20091201 or greater in order to continually receiving updates and protecting the environment.
"How can I tell if I need to upgrade?"
To determine if you are at risk you need to open the GFI MailSecurity Configuration and look for the specific version you are running. This information can be found by clicking on the Version Information link from the main GFI MailSecurity menu.
  • If the build number is 20091201 or greater, your installation IS NOT affected by this issue. You are already using a supported Kaspersky anti-virus engine.
  • If the build number is less than 20091201, your installation IS AFFECTED by this issue, and needs to be upgraded before March 31, 2010. Please kindly visit the following link to download the latest version of GFI MailSecurity for your platform.

          GFI MailSecurity Website 

 ** The new version of the Kaspersky engine, included in GFI MailSecurity Build 20091201, is not supported on Windows 2000;
"What if I continue to use the old version?"
If you are running an older version of GFI MailSecurity and decide NOT to upgrade before March 31, 2010, then you will lose the extra layer of protection from the Kaspersky anti-virus engine. Email will continue to be delivered and processed by GFI MailSecurity; no emails will be lost.
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