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GFI Newsletter - Aug 2010
2010 New Version

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Mail Essentials 2010 
The new version of GFI MailEssentials includes new features and tools to boost spam capture as well as making it easier for the administrator to configure and manage spam detected in the company's email.
For each new SMTP transmission, GFI MailEssentials records the sender, recipient and sending mail server's IP address and will reject the email with a temporary failure message. Compliant email servers are expected to try and resend the message after a few minutes - if the information is confirmed, future messages will not be rejected. Non-compliant mail servers do not try to resend the message.
Other essential features in GFI MailEssentials 2010 include:
l           Spam emails can be quarantined; stored in a database and automatically deleted after a pre-specified period
l           The entries in the dashboard can be filtered by sender, recipient, subject and message ID
l           Anti-spam filter and whitelist log files can be rotated based on size or time
l           Improved detection method of disclaimers in an email to avoid adding the same disclaimer in the email thread multiple times
l          Updated post-install wizard that helps administrators with the essential configuration settings soon after installation
EventManagers 2010 

New features in GFI EventManagers 2010 include:


l           Archiving all collected events into files in parallel with events processing. This way all the scanned events can be automatically kept in files, while the database can hold only the important events

l           Simplified dashboard now presents the most important events occurring in the network in real time


l           Username detection for network activity events: For Windows network activity events generated on Vista and newer OSs, GFI EventManager attempts to show which user ran the application that opened a connection


l           Performance optimizations through more efficient CPU and memory utilization; improved SQL Server Audit performance and improved Events Browsers speed on main nodes


l           Improved usability


l           New reports

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