GOOD NEWS NOW: New 2010 Version of GFI EventsManager

Networking & Security
Event Log Monitoring, Management and Archiving
GFI EventsManager 2010 builds on GFI EventsManager 8 by further improving on performance optimization and improved usability.
Some of the new features in GFI EventsManager 2010 include:
1. Auto-archive All Events into Files
2. Improved Dashboard
3. One-click Rule and Filter Creation
4. Password Recovery
5. Detection of Windows Events that Refer to Administrators
6. Improved Reporting: a. Users who deleted files, b. Service status, c. HTTP traffic monitoring
7. Other features
If you are interested in the new features, you may go to for more information.
PPN - Marketing
A Special  Promotion on Network Security Suite:
1. LANguard,
2. EventsManager,
3. EndPointSecurity

- #1 Windows commercial security scanner
- Over 15,000 vulnerability assessments for Windows, Linux, Unix OS and Mac OS X, including OVAL (2,000+checks) and SANS Top 20
- Supports a wide range of event types such as W3C, WIndows events, SQL Server, Sylogs and SNMP traps generated by devices
- Detects intraders and security breaches, forensic investigations
- Controls use of all types of portable storage devices - such as USB sticks, iPods, PDAs
- Granular access control, through the use of read only and read/write permissions on a user by user and device by device basis
Save 25% 
End-users purchase of any one product of GFI LANguard, GFI EventsManager & GFI EndPointSecurity will enjoy 25% discount. Don't miss this opportunity for saving money!!!
To purchase, please contact our SALES: 2556 2162
To get more information about this special offer, pleaser feel free to contact our sales representatives at 2556 2162, or through email:
Offer Expires: 30 Sep 2010
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