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Network and Vulnerability Management

The most innovative network devices are often deployed at the edge of the LAN, where the network connects to the Internet. This differs from traditional network devices that are often deployed simply within the LAN itself. Cutting-edge network products incorporate the latest advances in computing hardware, software, and networking, taking into consideration current and future networking requirements from demanding users. Network Management and Network Optimization are two key areas of interest in modern networking evolution. These are also two focal points of SANGFOR’s advanced research and development, to deliver powerful solutions that increase security and return on investment.

Management: IAM devices provide organizations with a manageable Internet, tackling such problems as P2P downloading, outbound information management and bandwidth allocation, all of which have historically challenged network administrators. SANGFOR’s traffic control products optimize network bandwidth for users so as to help organizations build a visible, controllable, optimized and effective network.

Optimization: WAN optimization technology breaks through obsolete assumptions about bandwidth to help companies lower their line costs while enabling customers’ network applications to perform at LAN-like speeds over the Internet.

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