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Network and Vulnerability Management

Reduce Desktop Management Costs by Over 40%

Removing Admin Privileges Has Never Been Faster or Easier.

BeyondTrust PowerBroker Desktops is the fastest and easiest way to secure Windows desktops by removing administrator privileges - without end user disruption. Eliminate the productivity impact of removing administrator rights by selectively elevating privileges for applications, software installs, system tasks, scripts, control panel applets and more – reducing help desk burdens while increasing security.

Privilege Management Made Easy
Grant administrator privileges to applications and tasks, instead of users, without providing administrator credentials.
Extensive Reporting and Automation
Accurately learn what applications your users run and what privileges are required. Instantly create policies to elevate the right applications for the right users.
Application Control and Whitelisting
Help stop malware by ensuring your users are only running approved application. Slash support costs while improving security and compliance.
Support for Physical and Virtual Desktops
Eliminate administrator privileges across all Windows desktops, including virtual, phy sical and thin clients.

PowerBroker for Windows Desktops
PowerBroker Desktops allows organizations to significantly improve desktop security by making it easy to remove administrator privileges from users without impacting productivity. Removing administrator privileges drastically reduces the attack surface available to malware and malicious users and is a critical aspect of desktop security. With extensive automation, organizations can easily implement security best practice with no impact on productivity.

Benefits and Features of PowerBroker Desktops
    Improve Security
  • PowerBroker’s unique Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism allows help desk to temporarily elevate privileges for Windows endpoints.
  • Eliminate the intentional, accidental, and indirect misuse of privileges on desktops.
  • Allow only approved applications to run on the desktop
  • Block prohibited applications (such as known hacking tools) from ever running
  • Enforce policy even when users are disconnected or not joined to the domain
  • Extensive rule library for elevation of common applications and tasks
  • Elevate ActiveX controls, Control Panel applets, development tools, management consoles, and more
  • Granular control of privilege elevation within Internet Explorer (elevate specific URLs)
  • Secure architecture, hardened against tampering
    Achieve Compliance
  • Audit mode allows organizations to identify applications that require administrator privileges, before removal of administrator privileges occurs.
  • Meet internal and external compliance needs by ensuring all users log on with a standard user account
  • Centrally managed application control and elevation policies for easy auditing and management
  • Automatic discovery of what applications users are running, and which need elevated privileges
  • Extensive reporting with SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Broad suite of reports that demonstrate compliance with audit directives
    Reduce Cost
  • PowerBroker Desktops comes pre-configured with new rule actions, making it easier and more efficient to configure the action that a rule performs when an application launches
  • Lower desktop support costs 40% or more by transitioning to standard users
  • No additional infrastructure required, leverages Group Policy natively
  • Rapid time to value with extensive reporting, discovery, automated rule generation, and more flexible rules
  • Integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Enhanced user interface, including new configuration wizards and improved policy organization
    Reduce Malware
  • Implementing least privilege can dramatically reduce the threat of malware and other exploits
  • Application Control (whitelisting) can stop malware in its tracks by refusing to run it in the first place
  • As a standard user, the scope of damage that malware can cause is significantly reduced

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