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TrueView Web Report™
TrueView Web Report™ is a web based statistical package that works seamlessly with TrueView People Counter™, TrueView Parking™ and TrueView Heatmap™. TrueView Web Report™ can receive data from any number of sources over Ethernet. It is also equipped with a powerful set of tools for easy data management and data mining.

Benefits from TrueView Web Report™
TrueView Web Report™ transforms raw traffic data into clear and intuitive charts that allow you to quickly gain in-depth insight to the statistics. Use it to discover trends, patterns or, identify unusual performance. TrueView Web Report™ lets you unveil performance problems, and help you to take proper action to improve production, enhance revenue, and increase profitability.
Data management
With TrueView Web Report™ you have full control of your business critical traffic data. By pointing a web browser to the URL of your TrueView Web Report™ you get a versatile and flexible tool package for managing and analyzing your traffic data from a single source. The whole software package is easily installed on a server and configured with a minimum of effort. All data is stored in an open standard database format.
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