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Managed Services
Hosted Frontline Defense for Your Email Security System

Email is a critical communications tool. In an environment of continually rising volumes of spam and email threats, companies are facing the need to economically defend their infrastructure while also protecting against any email downtime. Using a hybrid solution that combines an existing on-premise anti-spam/antivirus system with an online solution enables customers to leverage their existing investment, while ensuring stronger defense against threats and providing an on-demand, always available backup mail service.

As a hosted frontline defense solution for your email security system, GFI MAX MailEdge offers an additional layer of email threat protection and email continuity functionality. Designed to be used in combination with GFI MailEssentials, GFI MailSecurity or other existing on-premise anti-spam/anti-virus tools, GFI MAX MailEdge is able to block the most obvious spam before it reaches a customer’s network, drastically reducing the bandwidth and processing power required for handling the increasing volumes of incoming email, and effectively increasing the capacity of the on-premise tool. Equally importantly, GFI MAX MailEdge provides email continuity: the service will automatically queue any legitimate inbound email messages that cannot be delivered, and allows customers to access and respond to those messages when the customer’s email server is offline.

The key benefits of GFI MAX MailEdge are:
  • Defense in depth due to the hybrid combination of on-premise and on-line systems.
  • Most spam and virus threats are blocked outside of the network, reducing bandwidth requirements and improving email server performance.
  • Rapid deployment and little or no ongoing management.
  • Business continuity with integrated queuing and on-demand mail service.
  • Brandable at all touch points including web-based control panel
  • Simple, per-user-per-month pricing structure, with no capital expenditure or start-up costs.
  • Compatibility with any email, anti-virus, anti-spam or operating systems.

For more information about GFI MAX,
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