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Content Archiving - Email, File and SharePoint Archiving Solution

Email Archiving Software and eDiscovery Support

Archive Manager
According to recent research a typical corporate email account will generate about 4.3 GB of electronically stored information (ESI) per user/year, most of which needs to be preserved. Quest Archive Manager can help organizations store and manage this messaging and its related information while controlling growth, enforcing policies for compliance and enabling eDiscovery.

Archive Manager is a platform for Microsoft-centric archiving. By capturing, indexing and storing a single instance of messaging data into a scalable and secure repository, IT administrators can be assured of lower storage costs, faster eDiscovery response and strict compliance through the preservation of business-critical messaging data.
  • Eliminate mailbox quotas and reduce costs through single-instance storage
  • Improve control over information by eliminating PSTs
  • Shorten your eDiscovery response time
  • Reduce the time, cost and risk of an Exchange 2007 migration
Your messaging environment doesn’t stop growing even though the economy has. Learn how to control the growth of Exchange and GroupWise while eliminating PSTs. Calculate your storage savings with Archive Manager!

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