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Backup and High Availability

StarWind iSCSI SAN Software Active-Active High Availability Storage

StarWind SAN software turns any industry-standard 64-bit or 32-bit Windows server into a fail-safe, fault-tolerant, high availability SAN. StarWind HA technology permits applications to have non-disruptive, continuous access to storage in the event of failure.

Traditional, legacy High Availability SAN products have always been expensive and complicated. This has been a roadblock for small and midsize companies who are in the process of deploying VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and other server applications that need to be configured as Windows server clusters. With Active-Active High Availability architecture, the new StarWind helps you build a high availability storage server that keeps your data continuously available and accessible, offering you enterprise-class reliability and high availability without the related high price and complexity of proprietary, legacy vendor solutions.

The many features of StarWind are packaged into several editions to match the needs of any organization. Each of the StarWind editions improves application and data availability, protects data, and simplifies storage operations. Additionally, StarWind uses the iSCSI storage protocol so your centralized, networked storage can be configured on your existing IP or Ethernet network without any complexities, allowing you to build and configure a SAN in under 30 minutes.


StarWind has been used since 2003 by thousands of IT and Storage professionals in over 100 countries including small and midsize companies, governments and the Fortune 1000.

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