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Identity & Access Management

Desktop Solutions

Increase profitability by driving down costs, reducing risk and improving worker productivity when you deliver desktops as a managed service from the datacenter. Desktop and application virtualization solutions, built on VMware View, create a more flexible and secure business IT infrastructure so you can quickly respond to changing business and end user needs.
  • Enhance user access with the mobile secure desktop
  • Drive higher SLAs at lower costs with the business process desktop
  • Centralize IT management with the branch office desktop
Drive Operational Excellence with the VMware View Business Process Desktop
The VMware View Business Process Desktop is a fully integrated, scalable, and secure solution for managing outsourced and offshore employee desktops. Deliver desktop services from your datacenter to end users across devices on any network. Enhance support for your offshore developers, back office workers and communications agents and enjoy improvements in efficiency, productivity and service levels—all at a lower cost.

The VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop for the Modern Workforce
Transform traditional stationary desktops into untethered stateless workspaces available anytime and anywhere. The VMware Mobile Secure Desktop solution modernizes desktops and applications by moving them into the cloud and delivering them as a managed service. Processes are automated and efficient, data is secure and the total cost of ownership is reduced by as much as 50%. This solution ties desktop environments to user identities not devices, so end users are free to access their data and applications from any qualified device whether in the office or half way around the world.

Deploy and Manage Branch Office Desktops Securely
Simplify desktop management, protect corporate data and ensure high availability by centralizing desktops in the datacenter and delivering them to branch office workers as a managed service. And enhance productivity by delivering a consistent, high performance user experience across the WAN.

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