Pacific Professional Network (PPN) - has been serving the business community since 1995, PPN is the market leader in providing integrated web and email security solutions, identity and access management, network security, vulnerability management solution, digital signage, queuing system and people counter solutions to our customers. PPN partner with industry’s leading solution providers and leverage our technical consulting team’s expertise with over 20 years of hands-on project management experience to ensure our solutions offer reduced infrastructure complexity, efficiency, maximized return on investment and minimization of total cost of ownership for our customers.

PPN is the authorized distributor of several industry leading network security and network management products. Our products are the best of breed in the market. Many products in our solution’s portfolio are accredited with various international awards and have been deployed by many major and international companies for many years. Our customers have been the key success in gradual growth of PPN.

PPN is one of the best customer service providers in the market. Our eSupport system ( is an online helpdesk service and support solution, which enables customers to improve their Incident and Problem Management. Customers can also check the problem status at any where, any place and anytime.

PPN is committed to serve our customers by adding value through end-to-end installations and responsive after sales services. PPN always endeavors to supply our solutions from concept to delivery that are quick, easy and cost effective. Our mission is to provide the right solution for our customers.

Our Clients
Pacific Professional Network provided fully IT services to the Clients.You can click here to check out our Clients list.