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  • Quest Authentication Services - Quest Authentication Services allows organizations to extend Active Directory (AD) to Unix, Linux and Mac platforms and enterprise applications. It enables the unification of identities and directories for simplified identity and access management.
  • Quest Identity Manager - streamlines the access governance process of managing user identities, privileges and security enterprise-wide. It moves user management and access control away from IT capabilities and into the hands of the business.
  • Quest One Privileged Password Manage - automates, controls and secures the entire process of granting administrators the credentials necessary to perform their duties. Privileged Password Manager ensures that when administrators require elevated access, that access is granted according to established policy, with appropriate approvals, that all actions are fully audited and tracked and that the password is changed immediately upon its return.
  • Quest One Quick Connect - synchronizes identity data (users, groups and supporting data for roles) enterprise-wide to support a unified and intelligent approach to identity and access management. By integrating identities with Quest One (ActiveRoles Server, Quest One Identity Manager or Password Manager), Active Directory-based or enterprise solutions, the provisioning process is automated to control user access, reduce errors and save administrative time and cost. Using a set of wizards, the configuration of synchronization profiles is simplified, and no programming is required.