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Cognimatics is the global leader in Cognitive Vision and Intelligent Surveillance. Our products have been successfully deployed into millions of units world wide.

Cognimatics' mission is to take the best results from scientific research in Cognitive Vision to the market and providing our partners with superior products.

TrueView People Counter™
Counts persons passing through in a predefined area.
TrueView Parking™
Counting and showing traffic to and from parking facilities.
TrueView Dwell Time™
Counts faces and how long they are watching into a camera.
TrueView Bicycle™
Counts pedestrians and bicyles passing through in a predefined area.
TrueView Web Report™
Web based analytic tool for TrueView People Counter™ and TrueView Parking™.
TrueView Heatmap™
Visual tool for measuring customer traffic patterns inside retail stores.
Delegate Privileges with Certainty and Clarity
TrueView People Counter™ for AXIS M3113-R TrueView People Counter™ embedded for AXIS M3113-R is now being shipped by Cognimatics. The AXIS M3113-R combines an appealing and discrete design with being vandal proof and water resistant, making it a perfect camera for people counting. TrueView People Counter™ is the world's first camera embedded people counter. It offers a unique, cost efficient, scalable, and easy-to-install solution to the growing demand for people counting in the retail industry. It is a powerful stand-alone people counting application embedded directly in Axis network cameras, letting users leverage existing IP networks. The complete solution is easily installed in an existing local area network and configuration can be done at any physical location using a standard web based interface.

The software installs easily as a new firmware to the AXIS M3113-R. After installing the software the camera can be used both as a people counter and a camera. The embedded counting solution requires no additional hardware or software.

The TrueView People Counter™ has an open application interface to easily integrate with other surveillance applications, allowing for a complete surveillance system solution. The solution is ideal for conversion rate monitoring where people entering a store are counted and compared with people actually buying something in the store. Other advantages include straightforward system integration with standard databases enabling more advanced customer analysis such as buyer-to-browser ratio and more intelligent evaluation of advertising efforts.
  • Fully embedded into M3113-R.
  • Open data protocol.
  • Bi-directional counting - counts people moving in two directions simultaneously.
  • Seamless integration with TrueView Report™, Cognimatics' powerful reporting system.
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