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Network and Vulnerability Management
Top Features

Patch management for Microsoft® operating systems and applications
GFI LanGuard’s patch management feature scans your network automatically, or on demand, and gives you all the functionality and tools you need to effectively install and manage patches on all machines across different Microsoft operating systems and products in all supported languages.
Patch management for other applications
GFI LanGuard offers patch management support for other (non-Microsoft) software, enabling administrators to detect, download and deploy missing patches for supported applications in the same way as is done for Microsoft updates.

Relay agent
An agent may be designated a relay agent in order to distribute the remediation load across multiple machines.
Automatic remediation of unauthorized applications
Remediation operations can be triggered automatically at the end of scheduled scans.
Remote desktop connectionGFI LanGuard allows the useful option of a remote desktop connection to fix security issues on scanned computers that cannot be fixed automatically.

Vulnerability assessment
During security audits, over 50,000 vulnerability assessments are made - scanning the network IP by IP. GFI LanGuard gives you the capability to perform multi-platform scans (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) across all environments - including Virtual Machines and to analyze your network’s security set-up and status. GFI LanGuard gives you the power to identify and correct any threats before hackers can exploit them.

Set up your own custom vulnerability checks
GFI LanGuard allows you to easily create custom vulnerability checks through simple wizard-assisted set-up screens.
Extensive, industrial strength vulnerabilities database
GFI LanGuard ships with a complete and thorough vulnerability assessment database, including standards such as OVAL (5,000+ checks) and SANS Top 20.
Identify security vulnerabilities and take remedial action
GFI LanGuard scans computers, identifies and categorizes security vulnerabilities, recommends a course of action and provides tools that enable you to solve the problem.
Helps ensure third party security applications offer optimum protection
GFI LanGuard integrates with over 2,500 critical security applications of the following categories: antivirus, antispyware, firewall, anti-phishing, backup client, VPN client, URL filtering, patch management, web browser, instant messaging, peer-to-peer, disk encryption, data loss prevention and device access control.
Easily creates different types of scans and vulnerability tests
You can easily configure scans for different types of information, such as open shares on workstations, security audit and password policies, and machines missing a particular patch or service pack.
Network device vulnerability checks
As well as running the a vulnerability check on computers on your network, GFI LanGuard also supports a number of network devices, such as printers, routers and switches from manufacturers such as HP and Cisco.

Network and software auditing
GFI LanGuard’s network auditing gives you a comprehensive view of your network - what USB devices are connected, what software is installed, any open shares, open ports and weak passwords in use, and hardware information. The solution's in-depth reports give you an important and real-time snapshot of your network's status. Scan results can be easily analyzed using filters and reports, enabling you to proactively secure the network by closing ports, deleting users or groups which are no longer in use, or disabling wireless access points.

Hardware auditing
GFI LanGuard shows detailed information about the hardware configuration of all the scanned machines on your network.
Automatically receive alerts of new security holes
By default, GFI LanGuard generates a daily digest report that contains all relevant security changes that occurred on your network that day.
Check to ensure security auditing is enabled network-wide
GFI LanGuard checks if each XP/2003/VISTA/2008/2008 R2/7 machine has security auditing enabled.
Scan and retrieve OS data from Linux systems
It is possible to remotely extract OS data from Linux-based systems and scan results are presented in the same way as for Windows-based computers.
Smartphone and tablet detection
GFI LanGuard can detect iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets that have been added to your network. This ensures you have full visibility of the devices on your network.

Additional features

Powerful interactive dashboard
GFI LanGuard has a powerful and interactive dashboard that processes all security audits ever made to the network.
Multiply the value of GFI LanGuard with powerful reporting
Reports are designed to satisfy the requirements of both management and technical staff.
Helps you comply with PCI DSS and other regulations
All businesses handling cardholder data, regardless of size, have to be fully compliant with strict security standards drawn up by the world’s major credit card companies.
Silent installation support
You can perform an unattended default installation of GFI LanGuard on multiple computers in the background without any user interaction or intervention.
Network discovery not bound by license limitations
License slots are not required for all computers and devices in the scan results database. Only those that are scanned beyond network discovery are bound by license limitations.
Predefine authentication details
GFI LanGuard allows you to store separate authentication details for every target computer on your network, avoiding the need to specify authentication credentials prior to every scan.
Full text search support
GFI LanGuard makes it possible for users to instantly locate the information they are interested in.
Support for virtual environments
Organizations that use or plan to use virtualization on their network can install and use a range of GFI products with confidence.
News section
GFI LanGuard features a news section – an easy way to find out about product updates.

Other features:

  • Automatically checks the password policy for all machines on the network
  • Checks for programs that run automatically (potential trojans)
  • Finds out if the OS is advertising too much information
  • Performs simultaneous scans through the multithread scan engine
  • Provides NetBIOS hostname, currently logged username and MAC address
  • Provides a list of shares, users (detailed information), services, sessions, remote TOD (time of day) and registry information from remote computer (Windows)
  • SNMP device detection, SNMP Walk for inspecting network devices like routers, network printers and more
  • Offers alternative command line deployment tool
  • Identifies all installed Windows services
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 (Beta) and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

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