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Network and Vulnerability Management


Real-time Change Auditing for Your Windows Environment

By Product: Event logging and change reporting for enterprise applications and services are cumbersome, time-consuming and, in some cases, impossible using native IT auditing tools. Fortunately there’s Quest ChangeAuditor. This solution family audits, alerts and reports on all changes and deletions made to: Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, VMware, EMC, NetApp, SQL Server, Windows file servers and even LDAP queries against Active Directory — all in real time and without enabling native auditing. A central console eliminates the need and complexity for multiple IT audit solutions.

    Rely on ChangeAuditor to help you:
  • Achieve your complex compliance audit challenges with built-in reports for SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, SAS 70 and more
  • Simplify IT governance to prevent internal and external security breaches
  • Increase performance across the enterprise with change management software that offers detailed before and after analysis with strong controls
Auditing & Compliance

ChangeAuditor provides easy-to-understand and meaningful security and compliance reports on the fly. Built-in compliance library reports and the ability to customize reports make it easy to prove compliance for standards such as SOX, HIPAA, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and SAS 70.

Real-time Alerting

ChangeAuditor tracks critical configuration changes to your Windows infrastructure and applications, and then translates raw data into meaningful, searchable, intelligent data to help safeguard the security and compliance of your infrastructure. This comprehensive solution offers real-time alerts, “Smart Alert” technology for intelligent alerting and in-depth reports on the activities taking place in your environment.

Change Management

ChangeAuditor helps tighten enterprise-wide change control policies by tracking user and administrator activity for account lockouts and access to critical settings. Guard your Windows environment from exposure to suspicious behaviour or unauthorized access, and maintain compliance with corporate and government standards.

Performance Optimization

Native tools make it next to impossible to report and analyze what is happening on your network. Active Directory queries and native auditing put a strain on the most efficient and best-architected networks, and IT professionals need to consider these factors daily. Ignoring these factors makes it difficult to provide first-class service to your users, plan for migrations or disaster recoveries, and perform directory consolidations.


Analyzes critical configuration changes to your Windows environment, and then translates raw data into meaningful intelligent data to help safeguard the security and compliance of your infrastructure.

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