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Identity & Access Management

Virtualizing Business Critical Enterprise Applications

Run Your Business on a Dynamic Virtual Infrastructure
Virtualize Exchange, SQL, SAP, and Oracle, on VMware vSphere to get breakthrough performance and outstanding reliability. Protect your applications from downtime with built-in automated disaster recovery solutions from VMware.

Microsoft Exchange
Virtualize Exchange and exceed native performance while consolidating infrastructure by 5X to 10X.
Oracle Databases and Applications
Virtualize Oracle databases and scale dynamically to ensure service levels.
Increase the availability of SAP applications, faster provisioning using VM clones and dynamically rebalance applications.
Microsoft Sharepoint
Deliver on-demand and self-serve capacity and resources while retaining security and improving the robustness of your datacenter.
SQL Server
Consolidate SQL Server databases and cut hardware and software costs by more than 50%.
Other Applications
Move your Enterprise Java applications to virtualized x86 platforms to better utilize resources with easier lifecycle and scalability management.
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