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Network and Vulnerability Management

Automate Password Management for Increased Security

PowerBroker Password Safe Meets Compliance Mandates by Auditing and Managing Passwords

PowerBroker® Password Safe is an Automated Password Management (APM) solution for access control, manageability and audit of all types of privileged accounts such as shared administrative accounts, application accounts, and local administrative accounts. PowerBroker Password Safe offers complete device support for any operating system, account or device. PowerBroker Password Safe is a critical component of BeyondTrust Privilege Identity Management (PIM) solutions. PowerBroker Password Safe secures access to privileged accounts.

Access Control
PowerBroker Password Safe automatically provisions users and maps permissions using an organization’s existing LDAP or Active Directory environment
Device Support
BeyondTrust offers complete support for any OS, application, account, and device, and is available as a physical appliance or virtual machine
Password Security
PowerBroker Password Safe allows for automatic, random password resets with definable password composition rules (including A2A)
Audit Ready
This rapidly deployable solution comes complete with audit-ready logging and reporting to ensure compliance

Powerbroker Password Safe
PowerBroker Password Safe includes encryption provided by commercially supported FIPS 140-2. validated software. PowerBroker Password Safe is a leader in delivering the level of security and reliability that organizations need to satisfy compliance, auditing, operational, and internal risk-management requirements. By protecting passwords and the management of access to such accounts, PowerBroker Password Safe eliminates intentional, accidental and indirect misuse of privileges and ensures compliance with industry and government mandates.

Delegate Privileges with Certainty and Clarity
    Simply Manage Accounts
  • Automatically creates users and permissions
  • Credentials taken directly from the enterprise’s LDAP or Active Directory through group membership
  • Access to these managed resources is implemented the same way- through LDAP or Active Directory
  • Available as Physical and Virtual Solutions
    Auto Discovery
  • Automatically discovers and imports any systems found within Active Directory, based on customer-defined filters
  • Searchable I/O logging is enabled for all privileged activities on servers and devices down to the keystroke level
  • Meets access/authorization regulations as described in SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, FDCC and FISMA
  • Provides the appropriate level of user activity oversight to address audit requirements
    A2A & A2DB Account Management
  • Cost-effective and highly scalable solution can control privileged access transparently in even the largest heterogeneous enterprises
  • Flexible to Enterprises Specific IT Environmental Needs
    • Runs on Windows 2008/SQL Server 2008 (Increased Scalability)
    • Hardware appliances are 64-bit
    • Virtual machines are 32-bit
    • Virtual machine runs on VMware virtualization platforms
  • Multiple Layers of Security
    • No direct access to the sealed operating system
    • Employs commercially supported FIPS 140-2 validated components for all encryption
    • Supports authentication methods (i.e., LDAP, AD, SecureID, Safeword)
    • Program Factors to validate authenticity of application/script that is requesting credentials (i.e., User, Host, OS, Program)
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